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View in Room on iOS (UI)


Platform: Wayfair App (iOS)

Deliverables: UI mocks 

Objective: View in Room is an augmented reality feature that leverages 3D imagery to render to-scale furniture in users' homes through their smartphone cameras. This project aimed to bring additional functionality to the View in Room camera view, allowing users to customize their furniture without leaving the experience.

UI Mocks

The previous experience (shown below) offered a "View in Room" CTA on a product display page, which opened the user's native camera app and allowed them to maneuver a product within their space.

My updated mocks (below) brought editing functionality to the experience, allowing users to change and view fabric swatches. The design incorporates new icons-- tapping the brush icon brings up a product customization menu, and native iOS functionality allows the menu to be dismissed with a downward swipe.