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Designer Services (UX + UI)


Platform: Desktop

Deliverables: Wireframes, UI mocks 

Objective: Designer Services is an internal program developed by Wayfair's product team allowing for in-house interior designers to provide virtual home services to customers looking to redecorate rooms in their homes. The process kicks off with a "style survey," and I was tasked with creating a quick and easy way for interior designers to scan survey results coming in from multiple clients.


Since our user base -- interior designers managing clients -- was in-house, I sat down with the two designers currently working in Designer Services to identify the information hierarchy and what they used the survey results for. This page was intended to replace their current method of using a SurveyMonkey survey and exported Excel sheets full of data.

The two initial concepts below played around with displaying and navigating through the information in different ways.

UI Mocks

Final mocks utilized more padding and visual aids to present the information in a way that felt more scannable and digestible to the in-house designers.