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Hello Fresh Brand Integration - Buy Funnel

Platform: Desktop only

Deliverables: High-fidelity UI mocks

Objective: I worked cross-functionality with our Media Buying team to create visuals for their pitch to Hello Fresh for a 2018 brand partnership.

UI Mocks

It was important to clarify that this was not a brand takeover -- we would not be rebranding any pages to emphasize Hello Fresh, but were instead integrating their offerings into our existing funnel as seamlessly as possible. Entry points could be before or after purchase, and would target Wayfair Basics products, an internal brand.


This integration would appear on product display pages for applicable SKUs -- in this case, Wayfair Basics brand cookware. A simple callout for HelloFresh offers the customer an opportunity to access a discounted meal plan with their purchase. Clicking on "How It Works" opens an informational drawer, highlighted below.


We also have an opportunity to surface this partnership on the order confirmation page. Below are two possible placements on the receipt page where a user could continue a purchase with Hello Fresh.