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Rate Card Redesign

Platform: Mobile web, desktop, app

Deliverables: Competitive research, UX recommendations, prototypes, usability testing

Objective: Improve conversion while updating the interface to meet industry best practices while improving customer happiness and trust. The Rate Card page is where users upgrade to paid memberships on, and is our primary revenue driver.


Result: Still in production. Initial user testing has been positive; additionally, incremental test results indicate an ~80% conversion lift, which is promising for when the full V1 rolls out.


This was my first big project at, so I went about research in a variety of ways.

  1. Consumer Insights. I connected with the CI team to gather a report on the most common customer complaints that come from visiting this page, as well as reasons users have for downgrading and/or why they did not upgrade from Basic memberships after seeing the page.

  2. User testing. By putting the control version of the flow in front of current and new users, I was able to gain insight into pain points and mindsets.

  3. Competitive research. Merchandising for presents a unique challenge. Finding care for loved ones is a highly personal endeavor, and we must balance safety and informed consent with a lightweight, confidence-inducing flow. To that end, I looked at competitors that have a high threshold of initial trust for users to overcome before conversion-- like financial institutions, insurance providers, tax services, personal hygiene, and business networking.


The team was excited to work on updating this page, as we had a number of user feedback pain points to address, as well as aesthetic updates to make. 



Remote testing participants recently seeking full- or part-time childcare were recruited to evaluate the current rate card experience. They were brought to it within the context of site enrollment, with feedback structured around its information architecture and clarity.


Some high level results:

UI Mocks + Testing

With recent usability feedback, consumer insights data, and competitive analyses to guide us, the team moved into brainstorms, sketching sessions, and UI design. Further user testing on a new cohort proved promising-- with a vastly improved NPS score and qualitative engagement metrics.

Next Steps

Currently in production, with iterative testing planned for the rest of the year. Analyst projections are positive, though we'll need to monitor how the redesign, in its efforts to include more content to improve customer experience, may affect conversion. As the product expands and adds more verticals, we'll also need to consider how this page can incorporate a more personalized recommendation and scale with the additional information and decisions it will need to accomodate.