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Bundled Pricing (UX)


Platform: Mobile web and desktop

Deliverables: Competitive research, UX recommendations, wireframes 

Objective: Improve the shopping experience for sale events offering bundled items while using existing components and UI patterns.


Result: A 28% lift in conversion for applicable classes (small parcel accessories, like ornaments and glassware), within an overall 53% YOY increase in direct retail gross sales for the five-day peak shopping period of Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday (2017). 

"In seasonal décor, ornaments were among the top sellers this year as shoppers mixed and matched across thousands of new styles from Wayfair’s Five for $25 Ornament Shop. Shoppers also snapped up customizable ornaments from Wayfair’s newly launched Monogram Shop as gifts for family and friends." -- reported in BusinessWire, Nov 29, 2017 (source)

Competitive Research
  1. Bundling deals were most often found on clothing sites, likely because it best adapts to small parcel items. Competitors researched were Victoria's Secret, American Apparel, Walmart, Express, Burlington Coat Factory.

  2. Competitors advertised bundling options in two places on superbrowse:

    • Promotional banners

    • Product cards

Microcopy in product cards on

A bundled pricing banner on


In order to help guide the user through the funnel in a way that was helpful but not annoying, I decided to turn the action of bundling into a "game" of sorts for the user. A dynamic promotional banner was added to the bundling event page, PDP (product display page), and cart to visually count down the number of items the user needed to complete their bundle. 


In addition, microcopy was added to items in cart to help the user easily see which of their in-cart items were part of their bundle, and which were not.



1. Dynamic Banner

This banner follows the customer through the funnel, gamifying the bundling process and counting down until the user's bundle is complete and the promotion is applied to their order. Copy is unique to each promo.


2. Sale Link on PDP

Reminds user of promo and easily directs them back to bundle event.


3. Dynamic Banner w/ Link

Banner showing countdown in progress. When in Cart, provides a link back to the event page in order to easily add other eligible items.

4. Dynamic Text in Desktop Cart

In lieu of a banner, dynamic text should show the countdown when on the cart page in desktop, which mirrors the placement of the promo text in the previous live experience.

UI Mocks

This feature was built and released March 2017.